300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Trauma-Informed & Condition Specific Program

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The Yoga Seed’s 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training prepares any yoga teacher to be an effective instructor for vulnerable populations in high-risk environments and to teach condition-specific classes while covering the breadth and scope of Yoga Seed outreach programs. Training can be completed in 2 years with some flexibility to take certain modules at a later or different date.

This training is a Yoga Alliance 300 hour YTT certified program. Some of content extends beyond the educational categories established by Yoga Alliance. In addition to meeting the required hours of instruction within their educational categories, the nature of the training required including experts from the allied fields of medicine, physical therapy, psychology, social justice and education. The accrediting agencies that qualify our experts to instruct include (disclaimer): American Medical Association, American Physical Therapy Association, California Board of Behavioral Scientists, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, IAYT, and The Ayurveda Institute.

Pre-Requisite: 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

We are currently not accepting applications.  More more questions contact info@theyogaseed.com

In addition to class hours, this program includes external teaching, mentoring, and an online Moodle component to support learning. 

Vinyasa Krama
Take the guess-work out of sequencing. Learn the craft of sequencing to move beyond the physical body, and move the body, mind, energy, and soul for a desired effect. Using the logic of the Vayus (the inner winds that encompass our vital energy) you will learn how each asana and the sequencing of asanas affect health and well-being in a particular and powerful way. Harnessing this knowledge will increase your ability to create compelling classes that will greatly benefit your art and your students. Move from the class created through the mind, to one created with the mind, heart, energetics, and soul.

Social Justice & Yoga
Each course topic will be explored to cultivate awareness around systems of oppression, addressing privilege, micro-aggressions, being an ally, and uncovering the life of service. These courses will challenge you to “yoke” the nonviolence experienced on the mat with the way we interact and create our world!

Ayurveda for Self-care
Discover the medicinal branch of yoga, Ayurveda. This ancient science was once the standard for health and wellness on the Indian subcontinent. Learn how Ayurvedic insights can be used for personal growth, self-care and overall wellness, interactions and communication, and can be applied within a yoga class.

Yoga Philosophy Toolkit
Discover the concrete tools to explore the internal world safely and thoroughly. Learn the fundamentals of yoga nidra “yogic sleep”, the Koshas, yoga’s system to understand the different dimensions of life, and new ways to utilize chakras for personal development. These insights are essential for any yoga practitioner ready for the next step, and any teacher ready to lead the way!

Ahimsa & Restorative Practices
Just as violence is a learned habit, so is nonviolence. Ahimsa, as a founding principle, is central to this training; our goal is to refine our nonviolence in speak, action and thoughts. Through the use of restorative practice dialogs (which have reduced Oakland USD suspensions by 50%), you will learn to embody nonviolent leadership, key to meet the diverse needs found in off-site classes and high risk environments.

Trauma-informed Yoga
Join our team of Doctors, Yoga experts, and Trauma specialists for this opportunity to increase your professional qualifications, and master tools for addressing trauma with yoga. Learn how trauma and yoga work together. Discover the innovative ways that biofeedback is used to clinically validate the effects of yoga in therapeutic settings. Become inspired about your teaching again, develop the skill set to direct the powerful intervention that is yoga therapeutics!

Trauma Awareness Applications
Through exploration of scenarios, activities and practice teaching, trainees will apply the concepts discovered in the Trauma-informed Yoga training. This will include effective redirecting and nonviolent crisis intervention techniques; as well as methods to overcome vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.

Environment Specific Applications (formerly High-risk Environments)
Teaching in schools, prisons, and institutions have a different set of guidelines than any studio teaching requires. Together we will discover best practices and safety guidelines to ensure that these critical programs remain sustainable, safe and effective.

Sacred Path
Yoga is often practiced as a physical discipline in the West. This course takes yoga off the mat to explore Vedic and Tibetan philosophies developed over centuries of self-exploration and awareness, and apply them to our everyday lives.

Yoga for Obesity Related Conditions
In this training, created by the Yoga Seed’s team of Doctors and Yoga experts, we will learn the factors that contribute to the epidemic of obesity, and the best practices to meet the needs of every BODY. 

Yoga for Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Health
Do you have the best intentions for your yoga students, but lack the background knowledge to offer concrete support? With the growth of yoga as a wellness tool, it is important to keep up with the industry and know the essentials! This training, created by the Yoga Seed’s team of Doctors and Yoga experts, will show how the 8-limbs of yoga can improve the heart and pulmonary health, supported by diet and healthy lifestyle!

Yoga for Musculoskeletal Conditions
Did you know that Yoga Alliance only requires 20 hours of anatomy for a yoga teacher to be certified? Every teacher knows, however, that 20 hours is only the beginning. The Yoga Seed’s team of Physical Therapists and Yoga experts created this training to increase the depth of anatomy commonly taught in the yoga industry. Join us, and enhance your knowledge to the next level, with an in depth exploration of skeletal and muscular articulation, contraindications, and modifications for different body types.

All Bodies & Chair Yoga Training
The ALL BODIES and Chair Yoga training will develop your confidence to serve practitioners in wheelchairs, with injuries, matured life needs and more! Study the body of research that validates these practices as an effective support for condition-specific needs. Gain understanding of the common concerns that limit participation in typical yoga classes, and the use of modification for accessibility including chair yoga accommodation.

Claim your Path
Are you feeling stagnant in your yoga career? Or did you emerge from a Yoga Teacher Training without guidance on how to start it at all? Discover the tools to break through these barriers, and find the passionate yoga career for you! Learn the inside scoop on the yoga industry and explore case studies of successful yoga individuals and organizations. Discussions will investigate the obstacles and commitments required to begin a career centered around yoga therapeutics.

Retreat: You MUST be the Change You Want to See
Review all themes covered over the 300-hour Training & Celebration

Cost:  $4200.00

Payment Plan Option: $4500.00 = $500 Deposit + 3 Payments of $1333.00

Work trade available.

*A $500 deposit is due at the time of application. Once approved the deposit will be charged to hold your spot in the program and is non-refundable. The deposit will be applied to the total cost of the training. If for some reason the application is not approved, the deposit will not be charged.

**Due to rolling enrollment and the option to begin the training at different times through the year, applications are due TEN DAYS prior to the initial module. Some pre-requisites and limitations may also apply.





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