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We’ve created this space because we’ve seen the great benefit that yoga can bring to a person’s life, whether that is stress reduction, healing, greater capacities for compassion and awareness, or physical benefits like flexibility, strength, pain reduction, or simply a greater ease and comfort in one’s embodiment. Unfortunately for many populations, yoga is simply not accessible. We are working to change that.


The Yoga Seed Collective started, as most dreams do, with $50 and a dream of a healthier, more socially just community. Fellow for-profit studios, other businesses, and yogis around town were so excited to see the manifestation of our mission that they graciously donated props, shared funds, and held garage sales to raise money for the first month’s rent at our studio space at 14th and E Street.  Thank you Sacramento for bringing health and wellness to our community!

What We Offer:

  • A regular and full schedule of yoga classes – scholarships available
  • Specialty classes for specific populations, including: Seated, All Bodies, Kundalini, and Queer Community Yoga
  • A wide variety of healthy living workshops: Meditation, Self Care, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Cleanses, Guest Speakers, Social Justice workshops, Chakra Healing, etc.
  • Sliding scale workshops to introduce and promote yoga at a variety of locations, such as yoga in parks, at corporate events, in public schools
  • Sliding Fee Memberships starting at $0
  • Schoolarships for trainings, workshops, and classes
  • Training workshops for teachers to learn how to teach to specific vulnerable populations; Yoga Therapy Trainings
  • 200 hour Teacher Training program certified by Yoga Alliance
  • 300 hour Trauma Informed Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance
  • Outreaching trauma-informed yoga to multiple organizations such as Yoga in Prisons, Yoga for Mental Health, Yoga for Obesity-Related Conditions, etc…
  • Mentoring programs for new and not so new teachers to develop their skills amongst other yoga teachers
  • Yoga free-book exchange
  • Collaborative workshops with other Yoga studios, other non-profits, and other businesses in the community, to provide mutual support and create a network of healthy living
  • Yoga mats & props for free use by all
  • Community Events (ie. Movie Nights, dance parties, family art workshops, etc)

Our Continuing Growth:

Since April 2010, we have opened and maintained the studio location at 14th and E Street downtown, with a full schedule of classes, as well as opened a second outreach-focused studio at 1518 Del Paso Blvd.  We have experienced tremendous growth, moving from an all-volunteer organization to having numerous paid staff, a board of directors, a full roster of teachers, and a group of close to 100 active volunteers.

Trauma Informed Yoga

As part of our mission, we partner with organizations to co-create yoga programs for their clients. Off site, we teach developmentally disabled and vulnerable youth at Sierra School, New Folsom Prison, Sacramento Children’s Crisis Nursery, Sutter Center for Psychiatry, a class for diabetes at Sacramento Native American Health Center, and many many others. Check out our current Programs and Outreach blog for more details.

and Donors

Now is a pivotal time for Yoga Seed. By sponsoring one of these developing programs or by donating today, you have a chance to directly affect the outcome of these very special programs.  By investing in them, you invest in the well being of the neighborhood, the city, and greater awareness, wellness, happiness, stress reduction, pain reduction, healing of relationships, lesser rates of depression and anxiety, and greater harmony and peace on this planet.

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