Assisting Workshop

Our assisting program teaches students about both the benefits of touch and the gift of practicing loving-kindness while it addresses trauma-informed practices surrounding touch. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to deepen their practice, understand pose alignment, and/or give back to the community through their yoga practice.

Do you want to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga?
Do you want to experience loving-kindness in your life?
Do you need more massage?


Assisting Yoga Seed

Whether you are currently teaching, thinking about teaching, or just wanting to learn more about the poses, the Yoga Seed’s Kosha based assisting program will serve you well. Assisting is the ultimate way to deepen your understanding of yoga, to put loving-kindness into practice, and to experience safe and appropriate touch as a healing modality.

The Yoga Seed’s 25 hour Assisting Training uses the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and blissful levels of our-selves to teach hands-on assisting skills. During this training you will learn to:

-Observe Students, their practice, and find the assist that fits

-Understand the in’s and out’s of the physical poses

-Develop Skills for Safe Hands-on Assisting

The course also contains the following as it pertains to assisting:

-Diversity Awareness Overview

-General Anatomy Overview

-Modifications for Bodies of different Shapes, Sizes & Ability Levels

Join us on this journey through the 5 Koshas, or energy bodies, and 50+ poses in two weekends. You will receive a book, and credit toward becoming an assistant at the Yoga Seed.

To find the next workshop, please visit our workshops tab. This program runs twice a year, once in winter, and once at the end of summer and early fall.


Lisa AssistHandstand Assist

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