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We’ve been here four years now, and one thing we have learned is that it takes a village to support a vision. Our vision is to expand until

Every member of our community knows how to take a breath before they breakdown, knows how to use movement to prevent madness, and that every mentor develops tools of mindfulness.

Consider giving the equivalent cost of one drop in class, $15 per month to support this mission. Yoga wisdom shows that creating a full circle will initiate a movement. We are seeking 108 sustaining donors, to complete our community mala, with a goal of expanding our reach and the impact of our mission – to create a tipping point of awareness and local benefit in our community. Sign up to be one of our 108 Bodhi Tribe members here.

Where the money goes:

These funds will go to support 100% programmatic costs. This could mean any of the following:

  • Scholarships for in studio classes and events by local homeless veterans served by Loaves and Fishes.
  • Subsidizing classes for low-income developmentally disabled youth off site
  • Bringing the first Peer Facilitator program to inmates in the prison, with the goal of decreasing guard and prisoner violence, increasing self-awareness, and decreasing recidivism.
  • Funding a woman from a shelter to become a yoga teacher, so that she may learn professional tools to escape cycle of violence.
  • Paying our teachers to provide outreach services around Sacramento
  • And providing access for much more healing in the community!

Benefits to Bodhi Tribe Members:

  •  Quarterly Outreach updates emailed, to see how your contribution is healing Sacramento
  •  Invitation to join us for select monthly workshops, health resources and events (examples include Ayurvedic health & nutrition, self-massage, starting a garden, and others)
  • Name Engraved on a Leaf to hang on our Bodhi Tree in the front window, being built and designed at the Hacker Lab and visible to all. You can also choose to be anonymous or to dedicate your membership to another name or foundation.
  • Once a year appreciation luncheon! Yum!
  • Thank you call from one of our Board of Directors & option to discuss more ways Yoga Seed can reach community members.
  • Tax deductible letter for your generous gift.
  • First access to Annual Plan

The Bodhi tree is a banyan tree, which Buddha sat under to achieve Enlightenment. One quality of Banyan trees is that they have aerial roots. This means that the branches of a tree can drop down and become a new prop tree far from the original trunk. So, whether you are a part of our community in Sacramento, or whether you come from afar, we believe by joining our group you are planting seeds of change far beyond our community.

Welcome to the Revolution in Community

Our federal 501(c)3 tax ID is 27-2657064. Other ways you can help.

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