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Foundations and Organizations

We have been so, so fortunate that these foundations have seen the bountiful benefit yoga provides to the most vulnerable in our community, and have provided crucial support to our mission and Outreach Program.

The Freda B Runyon Foundation 

Sacramento Region Community Foundation

Gifts to Share


Sacramento Yoga Community 

Our community is abundant with yogis and yoginis whose generosity helps the Yoga Seed give our region’s residents the opportunity to breathe easier and feel better.  We thank the following folks for their support.  Namaste!


1. Bodhi Tribe Members – Reoccurring Donors


2. Business Sponsors – Partnerships in Sacto


3. Individuals Contributing $50 or more in 2015:

Ron Abram
James  Adams
Romel Antoine
Cassandra Ariaz
Gabriel Balensiefer
Melinda Banister
Hillary Bates
Katherine Bisharat
Tricia  Blocher
Patrick Bocash
Julie  Boone
James  Borghino
David Brabender
Marc Brown
Valerie Butler
John Cameron
Ryan Caputi
Mercy Caputi
Adrian   Carrera
Olivia  Carrera
James  Cassady
Bonnie Chatfield
Sina Chau-Pech
Tatianneter Clarcavich
Marykathryn Clay
Mira Coburn
Karl Cordtz
Matt & Erin Costa
Chris Cuevas
Ryan Dickson
Amie Diller
Paul Dirksen
Karen Dunning
Jennifer Durkee
David Fleming
Tova Fleming
Laura France
Diana Garcia
Stacy Gillespie
Karen Glabas
Erica Graves
Jodi Guenter
AJ Habib
Bridget Halvorson
Diane Hamlyn
Mark Hanzlik
Jessica Hart
Holly Holt
Kevin Howard
Jon Hutchison
Food Service  Ins. Mgrs.
Lisa Inselman
Louise Jackson
Jesse Kessler
Aubrey Kessler
John Kessler
John Kessler III
Kathleen Kinney
Michelle Kizner
Gina Langbehn
Tyler Langdale
Jill Madsen
Sue Mahon
Barbara Marcotte
Christine Martin
Jill and Kevin McConnen
Colin Miller
Don Morrill
Althea Moynihan
Evelyn  Muller
Jeanne  Munoz
Lydia Nelmes
Thomas Pace
Linda Parisi
David & Kathy Pasillas
Zachary Pasillas
Gray    Pattillo
David  Pentoney
Marisa  Pereira
Mary Louise Picerno
Samuel Pinilla
William John  Proft
Kellie  Ramirez
Joann  Reed
Barbara Reed
Rebecca Reed
Robert Reed
Stephen Leigh Rhodes
Jessica Rhodes
C Jane Riboni
Suzanne Richards
Steve Riggs
Barbara Riker
Theresa Roberts
Valerie Roberts
Marc J Ross
Pam Saltenberg
Katie Sarber
Pauline Schack
Christine Schmoeckel
Megan  Seely
Kyle Sheehy
Tim Sherman
Maggie Shigemura
Melissa Simmons
Shenan Sira
Kaelan  Smith
Eriika  Sparks
Pamela Sparks
Susanne Spartano
Steven  Starr
Blake Stevenson
Judy Stokes
Jolanne Tierney
Ray Trimble
Lupe Urrutia
Lindsay Vann
Lisa Wade
Brooke Walker-Knoblich
Brett Williams
Kevin and Marjorie Woolfork
Holly Zollner

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