Beginner’s Workshops

Start health off right and  find personal freedom through Yoga in Sacramento!

all bodies welcomeJoin our amazing beginner’s teachers for a 4 week series where you will learn about about:

  • pose alignment
  • modifications for your body
  • how to use your breath in class
  • safety tips
  • the 8-limbs of yoga
  • introduction to yogic philosophy

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I started taking yoga for physical health reasons and never expected to gain so much from the practice. This workshop has strengthened my connection to body, to self and to community. I’ve grow a great deal as a person over the past 4 weeks, and it was reassuring to meet a group of people with similar interests and struggles as my own. I thank Kelly, Jess, and Kathryn for their roles collectively and individually in helping to improve my overall well-being. “Thank you” just isn’t enough to express my gratitude for this experience. :)  – LaCandice

“I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in yoga.

I spent a few months looking at yoga studios web sites. But never took a class.
When this workshop was advertized it was exactly what I was looking for. The workshop covers everything a person would need to feel comfortable going to yoga class. I started attending ‘regular’ yoga classes after the 1st workshop session. I did not know every pose at my first ‘regular’ yoga class but it was ok because of the teaching atmosphere at the Yoga Seed.

I will be continuing yoga because of the instructors and this class.” – Bonnie


“I went into this class desperately needing to find a form of exercise that I would enjoy, but terrified to try going to a yoga class with no prior experience. This class was perfect for me! The teachers showed us exactly how to do the poses, and they are warm and accepting and made me feel that I am fine just the way I am!” -Jen

I started yoga because I am getting back in shape, and need something low impact to improve my fitness while losing weight, until I can run and do other activities without hurting myself. I’ve found the space and the instructors to be accepting and non-judgmental.

Training at Yoga Seed helped me focus on the pieces of my practice that needed real attention, so I could make the most out of my time that I am privileged to spend there. Their instructors are warm, knowledgeable, and very personable. I look forward to more advanced classes in the future.” -Bill

“As a yoga newb, I signed up for this series to deepen my spiritual practice of yoga; and to perfect my poses, as I am prone to cheating myself when things get hard. What can I say? This class arrived at a perfect time in my life.

All of the spiritual and ethical practices that we covered (yamas and niyamas) were incredibly relevant to parts of my personality that I saw as areas for improvement (anger, anxiety, control freak!). It gave me so many tools to use life, and I’ve been using them; I would not have handled what life has thrown at me recently without the guidance of the namas and niyamas.

The detail and attention to poses and breathing were very helpful in elevating my practice to a place where I feel more present in my yoga practice. I feel confident and comfortable with the poses now, and I know the little adjustments that I need to make in order to do the pose correctly.

The group/buddy system & the emails were awesome, too! I learned so much from my buddies!” – Shannon

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