Our Dream
We bring measurable results via trauma-informed yoga curriculum to psychiatric hospitals, prisons and more, AND DREAM of a world where the tools of breath and movement are accessible to all .

The Yoga Seed's Outreach Program

Expanding Beyond the Studio into the Sacramento Region

Each day over 25% of Sacramento residents struggle with obesity, depression, and/or substance abuse. Countless others have been slammed with the economic crisis and forced to abandon healthy lifestyles.

Yoga Seed provides yoga and wellness education programs to overcome these obstacles and to combat the hard-hitting epidemics in our community. We are committed to bringing yoga to all people. We also recognize that some are unable to make it to our studio, so we are finding ways to go to them.

We Offer Offsite Trauma-Informed Programming in:

  • Psychiatric Hospitals & Recovery Centers
  • Prisons, Jails, & Youth Detention Facilities
  • Schools
  • Workplace Wellness

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Our Approach and Curriculum

To maximize our impact in outreach we put a significant emphasis on “How we teach”.  We follow trauma informed approaches to create a safe space, and utilize Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Restorative Practices to promote authentic communication. In addition, we collect IRB compliant data to evaluate and adapt our programming. We strive to promote improved health, and support participants to experience their highest dignity.

Psychiatric Program: The Yoga Seed Collective’s inpatient program uses a variety of evidence-based practices, in a non-religious and easy to understand format. Our team has come together with expert advisors to design a curriculum that aligns with mainstream therapeutic methods. The program is designed to promote distress tolerance, acceptance, and mindful awareness, and is taught with a trauma informed approach. Data has shown improved mental health for participants in our program.

APPLY Training: The Yoga Seed Collective’s peer facilitator training in prisons is the first of its kind anywhere. After completion, inmates will lead yoga and mindfulness classes for their peers. The training program focuses on Non-violent philosophies, basic physical practice, and is taught using restorative and trauma informed approaches. We have seen measurable results from data collected showing increased distress tolerance, impulse control, reduced perceived stress, and improvements in Global Health indicators from participation in these programs. Our long-term plans include implementing this program in all of California’s prisons, as well as providing post-parole support to reduce recidivism.


Outreach Program: 100+ classes each month and growing!


Prisons (New Folsom & Solano State Prisons)

Heritage Peak Charter School

Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC)

Sierra Vista Hospital NEW!

Sutter Center for Psychiatry (SCP)

Gateway Woman’s Shelter NEW!

Mustard Seed Summer Program NEW!

Vaya Addiction Services NEW!

Oak Park Farmers Market

Easter Seals

Mutual Assistance Network of Del Paso Heights (MAN)

Yoga for Caregivers

Karma Seeds Service Projects


Support and Make a Difference!

We are able to head out into the community because of your generous donations. Our estimates show that it costs around $120 to bring a yoga class out into the community (with the cost of employees, equipment, administrative, insurance, etc.). So spread the gift of yoga and donate a few dollars today!

With your financial contribution, we are offering classes to prisons, school, women’s shelters, homeless youth, psychiatric hospitals, and clinics!