Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

Did you know that Yoga Seed teaches weekly classes to improve Diabetes Management at Sacramento Native American Health Center?

Sacramento Yoga in Prisons

Yoga Seed teams teach in New Folsom and Solano prisons.

The Yoga Seed's Outreach Program

Taking Yoga Off the Mat and Into Sacramento County

Each day over 25% of Sacramento residents struggle with obesity, depression, and/or substance abuse. Countless others have been slammed with the economic crisis and forced to abandon healthy lifestyles. Here at the Yoga Seed Collective, we provide yoga and wellness education programs to overcome these obstacles and to combat the hard-hitting epidemics in our community. As our Mission says, we are committed to bringing yoga to all people. We recognize that some are unable to make it to our studio, so we are finding ways to go to them.

We are able to head out into the community because of your generous donations. Our estimates show that it costs around $120 to bring a yoga class out into the community (with the cost of employees, equipment, administrative, insurance, etc.). So spread the gift of yoga and donate a few dollars today!

With your financial contribution, we are offering classes to prisons, SNAHC, Schools, Service Projects, and Sutter Center for Psych

Learn more about our Different Programs

Heritage Peak Charter School
Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC)
Karma Seeds Service Projects
Sutter Center for Psychiatry (SCP)
Yoga for Caregivers