John Kenkel Yoga Seed SacramentoJohn began practicing Yoga six years ago in the basement of a community college in Cincinnati Ohio. He fell in love on the first day in a very calm and gentle Yin class. John started teaching Yoga while working on a backcountry wilderness trail crew in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. He completed a 200-hour Power Vinyasa training at Zuda Yoga in 2012. He has volunteered teaching inside the Sacramento County Juvenile Detention Center.

In his personal practice John strives to be gentle with himself while activating his personal power. John teaches to help people cultivate a healthier relationship with their bodies. He hopes to contribute to a revolution in which we may free our minds and bodies on our individual quests to true liberation. John finds his inspiration in natural beauty, his teachers, and Taoist/Buddhist wisdom. He is honored to be part of the radical and diverse community of The Yoga Seed. When not in Sacramento John retreats to nature to receive healing from the earth.

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