bGX1tvTIa0D9vvwjhABU2fg9RicxeEGSfMNR2jzjRCYWe operate almost entirely with the support of volunteers.

After checking out all of the options below, you may apply to be placed in the Karma Crew! You can find our Volunteer Application here.

If you have any questions and want to know more before applying, we will have information sessions every other month.  

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IF you are a current volunteer looking to get even MORE involved by becoming a volunteer lead, visit our page to find out about our lead volunteer program!

Here are some ways you can offer your skills for the love of the Seed:

Flyering Crew:

Ever wonder how our beautiful posters get placed around Sacramento? We have volunteers who donate their time weekly to ride around the city and hand out flyers. This is a pretty sweet gig, as you get to ride your bike around and stop by delicious restaurants and coffee houses while sharing our mission with people you meet! Interested? When you fill out an application, put this role down as your preference.

Cleaning Crew:

Want to bring yoga into your life in other ways? The practice of “Saucha,” or purity, might be the way for you! We ask our cleaning crew volunteers to commit to 1 day a week to clean for about 1-2 hours. Other options in this realm would be taking our blankets, wash clothes, and bolster covers home to wash and return promptly. Fill out an application and let us know this is your choice for volunteering!

Tabling Crew:swathytabling

Are you personable?  Do you love the Yoga Seed and could you talk about it for hours? Join our tabling crew and help spread the word. Regular tabling events happen every other week at 1.5 hours a week, M-F anytime from 9a-1p, you can choose the time that works for you. This position requires some mobility to get to the location with tabling supplies. Perfect for being outside and meeting awesome people in the community, this role is essential for bringing in new folks. If this sounds like a good fit for you, indicate it on your application.

Graphic Design

Have you see the colorfully designed fliers all over town? This is how people learn about our events and often how we introduce brand new yogis to our space. We need graphic designers to commit to creating 2-4 flyers per month. This requires proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and you must have the program on your own computer. Proficiency in Illustrator preferred but not required. If you are a graphic designer interested in this role, let us know in your volunteer application!

Marketing & Social Media

Want an opportunity to get creative while volunteering?  We are always looking for people interested in helping with marketing and social media reach. Specifically we want volunteers to draft posts for us to use on Facebook, share on the internet, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. Let us know that this is the role you want in your application!

Monthly River Clean-up

Did you know the Yoga Seed is a part of the American River Parkway Foundation’s Mile Stewards Program? This means our community spends at least 20 hours every quarter cleaning up the American River Parkway at Sailor Bar–the last bit of “natural” spawning habitat available to our American river salmon! The river clean up takes place every second Sunday of the month. Come join us and meeting amazing karma yogis in your community. No application necessary, just show up. More information can be found on Workshop listings HERE.

Consider writing a testimonial right now!

Want to give back but don’t have a lot of time? That’s okay, no act of karma is too small. Has the Yoga Seed changed your life? We want to hear about it. Send a testimonial and a photo if you are brave. We would like to highlight your experience. Thank you for sharing your truth so that others may fully realize their own. Send your testimonial to: info@theyogaseed.org subject line: testimonial!



The Volunteers that made it all Possible thank you thank you thank you!!

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Everyone that passes by the Yoga Seed has helped us grow in one way or another. But we’d like to acknowledge the following people:

Acme Lee Wong Emily Trowe Mary Reilly  Gilbert Hernandez
Alex Dita Gregory Rubald Mayra Villarreal  Dan Downey
Amanda DeCarl Hanna Yanni Megan Seeley  Joel Waite
Anastasia Lee Heather Foli Michelle Bechtel  Rocky Rupple
Andrew Kimble Jenn Cale Romeo Chaidez Kaylin Moore
Andrew Wood John Proft Sara Adams  Ricki Harris
April LaMoore Julia Rock Sarah Didier  Maritza Lara
Becky Bardrow Kara Smith Shannon McKenna  Michelle Hulse
Bonnie Coldiron Karl Cordtz Sheka Robinson  Don Durrance
Brent Tyler Kristin Brumfield Sina Chau-Pech  Deanna Toney
Carol Hafer LaCandice McCray Singleton Thibodeaux-Yost  Sabrina Muljat
Caroline Berge Laila Perrera Stacy Swimme  Jeannette Wilson
Celeste Hartman Lacy Leonardo Terri Brindis  Lauren Gotcher
Daisy J. Guinto Lara France Tessa Garwood
David Potts Mark Grant Tree Jay
Emilie Beardsley Marie Bee Annie Church
Brie Hardy Clare Murphy Evelyn Muller
Cassandra Ariaz Venus De Coy Jeani Kim-Slesicki
Jenn Horst Joya Calvino Karen Goff
Kat Jones Lauren True Lisa Kovakovich
Mandy Modell Megan Milliron Meghan Galvin
Rebecca Babb Ricardo Gordon Rubie Simonsen
Sawyer Kemp Shannon Fritz Shanti Huynh
Swathy Madhukar Mel Tran Dana Furuyama
 Corey Porter  Mari Down



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